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Who We Are

Innovative Creations has been known as the “couture” interior design company which specializes in highly custom and turn key interiors through a world wide search of beautiful and sometimes rare materials all to satisfy a very “up to date” clientele. With an in-depth understanding of the client’s wants and needs, Innovative Creations can take a project from the hiring of the architect to the final implementation of all plans and design process. Every project is one of a kind, original and created with a huge passion for the extraordinary.

Featured Project

Vail, CO Mountain Retreat

Creating a warm and inviting environment which could transition from the snowy days of winter to the fresh summer greens, Innovative Creations choose neutral earth tones to blend into the beauty that shows through the window of the surrounding evergreens.

Working with Innovative Creations has been a smooth and wonderful experience.. Katia’s amazing skills in creativity and communication with me have allowed an on time delivery of a fabulous interior. AH

Choosing exceptional high end products for our clients is our first priority. Passionate racer Tom Bates and his son, Nicolo’ Bates, work with clients throughout the world. They work on designing the customized and luxurious pieces of opulent automotive art of their dreams. TB Design utilizes real Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini and Porsche engines to make “Luxury Art” automotive furniture.