RE: 366 Hanson Ranch Road project: “The home had been on the market with one of my larger competitors for a long time with no success.  When we brought you and Innovative Creations team in to re-decorate and reposition the asset to a much newer feel, it made all the difference. The structural changes you made, including the glass railings, and your décor improvements allowed potential buyers to look at it in an entirely new light.

The sale closed within a few months of your re-decorating and I attribute the success to your taste, style, and understanding of the Vail market.  This is the fourth job you have done for our company and everyone of them have been met with success.  I give you great thanks to decorating my project on Forest Road, which sold for $11.2M.  As you probably recall, it sold within weeks of your installation of decoration.  You have a real eye for creating new spaces and upgrading old spaces; which you have done for us several times.  I appreciate the opportunity to work with you and look forward to more projects together.”

“Working with Innovative Creations has been a smooth and wonderful experience.. Katia’s amazing skills in creativity and communication with me have allowed an on time delivery of a fabulous interior.”

“The Vail Penthouse is the most beautiful property in Vail”

“…The Italian interior decorator Katia Bates and her husband Tom, I thought that they would understand better than anyone what the house was originally like. I wanted the project in the hands of someone who would feel what Versace would have felt in restoring and redecorating it. And, at the same time, would also understand what I wanted, which was to return the life to it that it had enjoyed in its heyday. In fact, a lot of the furniture that’s here now comes from Italy”

The images are absolutely divine. You have represented Lalique with the utmost and finest examples of elegance, beauty and design that I only hope we can reciprocate.

Absolutely stunning Katia! You outdid yourself and the transformation was incredible! Thank you so much for choosing us and our brand!


“It was a pleasure working for Katia & Tom Bates for the renovation of a super custom home in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.  Being a part of Katia’s design presentation is a nice addition to our resume. We strongly recommend that anyone interested in a quality customer contact the bates Team.”