Vail International Gallery Featuring Tom Bates at SCOPE 2019

Vail International Gallery Featuring Tom Bates at SCOPE 2019Ever since 1996 when the Museum of Modern Art in New York exhibited a 1963 Jaguar XKE and added the vehicle to their permanent collection fine automobiles have been recognized as fine art. Artist Tom Bates has deep connections within the world of exotic automobiles and uses these contacts to source rare engines from the finest automakers in the world which he designs into tables that highlight the beauty of the engines while maintaining the integrity of their functionality.  Featuring rare engines from Ferrari and Maserati, which are collectible in their own right, Tom Bates tables allow the beauty and excitement of Ferrari, Maserati, and other rare automobiles to become the focal point of interior space. This winter the gallery will feature several of Tom’s table designs featuring rare engines from Ferrari and Maserati. For a full range of what’s available, including rare Formula 1 engines please contact the gallery or click on the image to view Tom’s artist page of the gallery.

Winter 2019-20 Exhibitions

This winter the gallery will once again travel to SCOPE Art Fair in Miami Beach for Art Week December 3rd – 8th. If you are in Miami then please drop by to visit or e-mail Vail International Gallery to receive complimentary tickets for you and your guests to SCOPE.

The gallery will feature new work by Ron Hicks, Bates Wilson, Carlo Trost and Tom Bates in Miami.

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